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*Rogue Tranquilidad 75%

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Bar: Tranquilidad, Bolivia (75%)
Maker: Rogue Chocolatier (Three Rivers, MA, USA)
Price: $18/60g (Chocolopolis, online US retailer)
Overall Rating: 6.5/10
Munch Factor: 2/10
Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Sugar

Appearance: Very dark brown color and a decidedly plain mold, unbroken in character.
Aroma: Decidedly earthy and sweet, with some spice and very underlying raw cocoa; maybe some light grains as suggested by the insert.
Melt & Snap: Deliciously hard snap & impossible melt.
Flavor: Dark sweet cocoa, a bit of bitterness and a very tanniny finish, as if I had just finished off a small glass of red wine.
Complaints & Complements: Art deco-style packaging, a recent change for Rogue, is very pleasant. I appreciate the insert with info on the beans which constitute the majority of the bar, but it should have mentioned the tannins; they’re really hard to miss.

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