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*Zotter India 62%

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Bar: India (62%)
Maker: Zotter (Riegersburg, Austria)
Price: $GIFT (Chocolátl, The Netherlands)
Overall Rating: 8/10
Munch Factor: 3.5/10
Ingredients: cocoa mass India, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, salt

Appearance: Reddish, thin bar, good for breaking apart.
Aroma: Deep cocoa. That’s it.
Melt & Snap: Solid snap, with a fine melt.
Flavor: Immediate melt into delicious cocoa, and a slight savouriness. Not as sweet as I was expecting, with a pleasant fudgy aftertaste and just the smallest hint of bitterness.
Complaints & Complements: Comes with 2 bars; very colorful packaging, with enticing unique images on each bar. However, the bars can be hard to detach from the packaging. Very good use of space, with the packaging conveying information on their brand.

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