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Craft Chocolate Review Brasstown Chocolate 62% Sea Salt Chocolate Front of Bar Packaging

*Brasstown Chocolate Sea Salt 62%

Bar: Sea Salt 62% Maker: Brasstown Chocolate (Winston-Salem, NC, USA) Price: $10/60g (Direct From Maker) Munch Factor: 6/10 Ingredients: Certified Organic Cacao Beans, Raw Sugar, Certified Organic Cocoa Butter, Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt. Appearance: deep blue rectangular packaging with the heavyhanded “BRASSTOWN” printed across the front and a blacked-out bottom underlining a boat in shadow. The …

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Craft Chocolate Review Theo 45% Lemon Milk Chocolate Front of Bar Packaging

*Theo’s Lemon Milk Chocolate 45%

Bar: Lemon Milk Chocolate 45% Maker: Theo’s Chocolate (Seattle, WA, USA) Price: $4/85g (Direct From Maker) Munch Factor: 7.5/10 Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Cane Sugar, Organic Fair Trade Cacao Beans, Organic Fair Trade Cacao Butter, Organic Milk Powder, Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Fair Trade Ground Vanilla Bean. Appearance: like all Theo bars, this one is rectangular with the circular …

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Craft Chocolate Review Akesson Brazil 75% With Coffee Front of Bar Packaging

*Akesson Brazil with Coffee Nibs 75%

Bar: Brazil with Coffee Nibs 75% Maker: Akesson Chocolate (London, England) Price: $11/60g (Direct From Maker) Munch Factor: 3/10 Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, coffee nibs (5%), emulsifier (GMO-free soya lecithin). Appearance: the brightly-colored square packaging of Akesson’s bars has become a sort of trade mark of the brand, this vibrant yellow-green providing stark contrast to the …

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Craft Chocolate Review Fossa Salted Egg Cereal Bar Front of Bar

*Fossa Chocolate Salted Egg Cereal Bar

Bar: Salted Egg Cereal Bar Maker: Fossa Chocolate (Singapore) Price: $14/40g (Direct From Maker) Munch Factor: 7.5/10 Ingredients: cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, salted egg yolk, cereal, butter, curry leaves, chilli padi, sea salt. Appearance: the small, thin white bar really pops off the shelf, a yellow border highlighting the simplicity. Inside is a packed, caramel-colored bar …

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craft chocolate review harper macaw fall spice dark milk back of bar closeup with packaging

*Harper Macaw Fall Spice (Dark Milk)

Bar: Fall Spice Dark Milk (Brazil) Maker: Harper Macaw (Washington, D.C., USA) Price: ~$12.25/70g (The Chocolate House in Washington, D.C., USA) Munch Factor: 4/10 Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, nonfat milk, organic pumpkin [organic pumpkin, organic maltodextrin], cassia cinnamon, elephant ginger, pemba cloves, stone nutmeg. Appearance: beautiful teal and burnt orange color scheme, pleasing the eye …

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Craft chocolate bar review chocolarder gorse flower 50% milk chocolate front of bar

*Chocolarder Wild Gorse Flower 50%

Bar: Wild Gorse Flower (Nicaragua) Maker: Chocolarder Chocolate (Ponsanooth, England, UK) Price: ~$6.50/65g (gift from a friend) Munch Factor: 8.5/10 Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Unrefined Raw Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Gorse Flowers. Appearance: the packaging is attractive with its simple brown paper wrapping and the sticker identifying origin & a host of other variables regarding …

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Raaka Chocolate Strawberry Basil Front of Bar Packaging

*Raaka Strawberry Basil 67%

Bar: Strawberry Basil 67% (the Dominican Republic) Maker: Raaka Chocolate (Brookly, NY, USA) Price: $10/50g (Cacao Review online shop) Munch Factor: 7/10 Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Strawberry, Organic Basil. Appearance: this is a rectangular bar with funky etched lines and dug-out rectangles throughout; the packaging design mimicks the …

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