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Chocolate Adventures

Belgian Chocolate Culture

I couldn’t roll my eyes any harder than I do when people tell me that Belgian chocolate is the best. Just because we associate a certain food with a specific country doesn’t make theirs the best, nor does it make all of their good— American hot dogs, for one. But the myth of Belgian chocolate …

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15 Brussels Chocolate Shops & Stops

The number of chocolate shops in Brussels is meant to astound. Most people will point you towards the most established Belgian chocolate shops in Brussels, like Leonidas, Mary’s, Godiva, and Planete, but historic doesn’t always mean good. Sometimes crappy products continue to thrive because every guide book is just recommending what all the others are. …

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Baking With Craft Chocolate (Guide)

If you’re on this page, you’re likely familiar with craft chocolate, also known as bean to bar chocolate. For those who aren’t, this particular type of chocolate is known for being an ethical, transparently-sourced, and much tastier version than its generic counterparts. Craft chocolate also happens to be easier than ever to find, both online …

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