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Chocolate On The Road: discovering the people & their stories through chocolate.

Chocolate On The Road is part-interview and part-documentary, telling the tales of fine chocolate & cacao from a chocoholic raised with the radio.

Since I can remember, I’ve listened to public radio shows. I grew up listening to NPR during breakfast, and still tune in to programs like This American Life and Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! But after I moved abroad in 2016, I had to listen to all these shows online. For convenience’s sake, I turned to podcasts. It was through this medium which I quickly began to listen to shows in a variety of genres, from comedy and interviews to news shows and human interest pieces.

But as I worked my way through older episodes of my favorite programs, I realized that I had settled into a couple of very specific types of storytelling shows. I searched & searched for a show which combined my favorite topics of chocolate and travel into such a program, but I just couldn’t find one. So, I decided to start it myself. For years I’d already been telling some of these stories on my website, so why not share even more?

Now on Chocolate On The Road, twice a month we explore a hot topic or destination for chocolate, weaving together history, culture, and lived experiences to make a storytelling podcast that’s part interview and part documentary. Together we learn more about what it means to be a chocolate lover in the modern age, the questions plaguing the industry, and the stories behind every bar & bean & human being that bring us so much joy.

The purpose of Chocolate On The Road is to provide captivating stories that answer questions you didn’t even know you had. For example, what makes us buy craft chocolate? Or how has the internet grown up alongside specialty chocolate? Or even, how is craft chocolate itself a Millennial? There are thousands of people around the world working right now to change the chocolate industry. We’re working to make it more sustainable and transparent, and having a whole lot of fun along the way.

So Chocolate On The Road is my contribution to that movement. It’s the show I wish was out there.

Because I know that chocolate and cacao are rich & global industries with interesting, intersectional stories of education, struggle, and most of all, hope. From cacao plantations in South America to the booming metropolises of Asia, there’s no end to the discoveries to be had when you’re exploring chocolate on the road.

Do you know where your chocolate comes from?

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Ep. 11: The Philippines Part 2
Ep. 10: The Philippines Part 1
Ep. 9: Home Chocolate Making
Ep. 8: Hong Kong
Ep. 7: Cacao Brands
Ep. 6: Hawaii
Ep. 5: Tree To Bar Chocolate (A Creation Story)
Ep. 4: Japan
Ep. 3: Social Media
Ep. 2: The Internet
Ep. 1: Millennials In Chocolate
Ep. 0: The Origin Story

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