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Interview: Marcos Patchett, Author of The Secret Life of Chocolate

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“I hope it’s kind of like a series of Trojan Horses made out of chocolate… introducing the idea, hopefully, of complementary medicine or natural products medicine to many people. [This is] the idea that plants may in…some cases be a better form of treatment than isolated pharmaceuticals.”

-Marcos Patchett, Author of The Secret Life of Chocolate

It’s a huge undertaking to write a book, but it’s a monumental project to write the book on your chosen subject. Yet that’s exactly what you’ll find in The Secret Life of Chocolate, a definitive book on cacao written by medical herbalist Marcos Patchett. The book’s many chapters read like individual deep dives into the many facets of cacao, as explored through the lens of its medicinal role in cultures through the ages.

It’s been such a pleasure to have this book in my chocolate library, that I had to have a chat with Marcos on the podcast. We get into some of the most frequently asked questions about chocolate, from antioxidants and allergies to the history of cacao ceremonies. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.

Note that I received a review copy of Marcos’s book, but that I chose to interview Marcos of my own accord.

Some of the pictures in Marcos’s book.

Topics We Cover

  • Background on Marcos’s cacao research & his work as an herbalist and drop-out art student
  • Categories of cacao beverages and the four reasons each of them were consumed in ancient Mesoamerica (ix)
  • Some of the botanicals that can be and are added to cacao beverages & their various reasons for being included
  • What antioxidants are and how our bodies use them, as well as their bio-availability in various chocolates
  • The raw cacao movement (& its validity)
  • FAQ about cacao ceremonies (and Harry Potter)
  • Chocolate allergies
  • Whether chocolate can cause acne

Connect With Marcos

Marcos’s Website.

Marcos on Instagram.

The Secret Life of Chocolate Book Website.

Buying Marcos’s Book: In the US or Everywhere Else. For the foreseeable future, use code CHOC to get 20% off your order outside of the US (applied at checkout)!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.