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Chocolate Travel Guides

Finding the best chocolate in world, or just in your destination, doesn’t have to be a struggle. From chocolate museums and festivals to cacao plantations and cafes, for years I’ve taken it upon myself to travel in search of the most compelling chocolates and chocolate experiences around the world. These are their stories.

Don’t forget to check out the best places to buy chocolate online, no matter where in the world you find yourself!


29 Chocolate Shops in Melbourne


Guide to Brussels’ 15 Best Chocolate Shops

Guide to Bruges’ 15 Best Chocolate Shops

All About Belgian Chocolate Culture


Cacao pods growing in Baracoa, Cuba.

Cuban Cacao Culture to the East

Czech Republic

Ultimate Guide to Prague Chocolate Shops


13 Best Chocolate Shops in Berlin

Hong Kong

Craft chocolate made in Hong Kong by a Swiss & Israeli couple.

Hong Kong Chocolate Guide

Hong Kong Chocolate Culture


7 Bali Chocolate Shops To Visit On Vacation


timeless chocolate okinawa japan lineup of origins vietnam, colombia, ghana, cuba
Samples from Timeless Chocolate in Okinawa, Japan.

17 Tokyo Chocolate Makers To Check Out

FESTIVAL: Craft Chocolate Market In Tokyo

FESTIVAL: Salon Du Chocolat Osaka

A Comprehensive Guide to Osaka Chocolate Shops

Kyoto Chocolate Guide: 17 Shops You Must Visit

Kobe Chocolate Guide: The Best Chocolatier’s in Kobe, Japan

Guide to Fukuoka Chocolate Shops

Finding Timeless Chocolate in Southern Japan

Japanese Chocolate Culture


coco bruni hongdae chocolate truffles from above
Truffles from Coco Bruni in Seoul, South Korea.

19 Places To Eat Chocolate In Seoul

Ultimate Busan Chocolate Guide

Jeju: Korea’s Chocolate Island

Bean to Bar Chocolate in South Korea


Kuala Lumpur Chocolate Guide

Penang Chocolate Guide

Chocolate in Kota Kinabalu

Malaysian Chocolate & Cacao Culture

The Netherlands

Guide to 33 Amsterdam Chocolate Shops

FESTIVAL: All About Chocoa in The Netherlands

The Philippines

Bagged cacao pods on Kablon Farms in South Cotabato, Philipipines.

5 Delicious Cacao Destinations In Davao City

Metro Manila Chocolate Guide

Philippine Chocolate & Cacao Culture


19 Singapore Chocolate Shops to Visit


uncle a shin chocolate farm pingtung cacao plantation truffles
House-made bonbons on a cacao plantation in Pingtung County, Taiwan.

A Guide to the Best Chocolate in Taiwan

6 Cacao Plantations to Visit in Taiwan

Taiwanese Chocolate & Cacao Culture


Eating Chocolate on the Beach in Krabi, Thailand
A bar of 100% Thai chocolate gifted to me by the couple behind Kad Kokoa, in Bangkok. They own their own farm in Chumphon, Thailand.

Experiencing a Chocolate Buffet in Downtown Bangkok

Best Chocolate Shops In & Around Bangkok

Chiang Mai Chocolate Shop Guide

Craft Chocolate Culture in Thailand


Unreal Chocolate Bars from Whole Foods

Alaskan Chocolate Shops in Anchorage, AK

Chocolate Destinations on Oahu, HI

The Big Island Of Hawaii

Seattle, WA: 17 Can’t Miss Chocolate Shops

Guide to Denver, CO Chocolate Shops

Boulder, CO Chocolate Shops

New Orleans, LA Chocolate Guide

Washington, D.C. Best Chocolate

Richmond, VA Chocolate Guide

Asheville, NC Chocolate Guide (best maker)


Azzan Vietnam Cocoa Plantation Visit Holding Fresh Cacao Pods

Saigon Chocolate Guide: Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi Chocolate Guide

How to Tour a Cacao Plantation in Vietnam

All About Cacao Liquor Around the World

Vietnamese Chocolate & Cacao Culture

Traveling for chocolate doesn’t need to be the only goal of your trip, either, for chocolate to earn a place on your itinerary. Finding the world’s best chocolate is all a matter of perspective, so I invite you to take it into your own hands. I have provided the guides and some insight, and yours is welcome, as well.

What’s the best chocolate in your town?

Explore delicious chocolates & cacao in every city you visit with FREE chocolate travel guides to destinations around the world. Grab a cup of cocoa and explore with me! | #chocolate #chocolat #travel #resources #city #guides #must #see #do #asia #southeast #taiwan #thailand #korea #japan #unique #activity #activities #cuba #beantobar #craft #cacao #cocoa #beans
Explore delicious chocolates & cacao in every city you visit with FREE chocolate travel guides to destinations around the world. Grab a cup of cocoa and explore with me! | #chocolate #chocolat #travel #resources #city #guides #must #see #do #asia #southeast #taiwan #thailand #korea #japan #unique #activity #activities #cuba #beantobar #craft #cacao #cocoa #beans

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